It all started in Paris, the city of love and fashion. As a sign, that is where Alexandra & Robert met 7 years ago. He was event director, she was fashion designer, and already the taste for tailor-made services and client experiences. 

This famous "can you help me just one time" can changes lives. And when Robert asked Alexandra a bit of help to design some floral composition for the lobby of the hotel where he was working, it was obvious that she has an incredible talent for the creation.

They got married in 2015, and once Rafael entered in their lives, they decided to leave Paris for the quality of life of the French Riviera. 

Life is made of choices, and they met immediately an incredible success, growing everyday to bigger and more amazing events and weddings, now surrounded by 2 others members in the family (and a half!)

"it's a family story"

robert & alexandra

Something really important for us is to don't stay stuck in a style or a category. It would be easier, for sure, to focus on a specific clientele, or specific signature, but every bride is different, every event is different, and we actually enjoy our job so much mainly because it's a continuous challenge.

We are inspired by people every day. We stay open-minded to every idea, every CRAZY idea, every need and desires. We don't want to push our clients in a direction or another. We suggest, we advice through our experience of course, but we want to stay the pencil at the hand of the hand of the spirit of our clients.

We are inspired every day, and thank you so much about that!


our inspirations

our values

more is more


good taste first

Let's be honest one second. when it's about flowers, and even more, when it's about our clients, the usual "less is more" doesn't work.

let's be crazy, let's be original, let's be creative. 

Let's be MORE!

because it's pretty rare for us to say "no, it's impossible". You have something crazy in mind? you are welcome!

let's find a way to make it happen.

quantity doens't mean "too much". the perfect dose of everything, is the best way to have a beautiful and balanced result.

a lot and elegant.

we can't wait to bring your vision to life!

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